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  1. Join us on a Sunday at 10.30am
    Join us on a Sunday at 10.30am
  2. Join a Cluster
    Join a Cluster
  3. Get involved in a DNA Group
    Get involved in a DNA Group
  4. Join a Life Group
    Join a Life Group
Sunday Gathering

We’re passionate about the whole of the King’s Church family meeting together to worship Jesus for who He is and celebrate all He has done.  We do this through singing, praying, hearing testimonies, moving in spiritual gifts and being inspired and directed through preaching/teaching.  These generally happen weekly on Sundays.     

We gather together at 10am for tea and coffee and our gathering begins at 10.30am at the Schofield Family Centre.

The last Sunday in each month is a ‘Cluster Sunday’.  A cluster Sunday is where 2 or Life Groups are encouraged to cluster together as a missional community where we seek to become effective disciples and disciple makers as we learn to Love and Live like Jesus.   

We’ll often have times with all age groups together and then there are specific groups for children and youth to go into.

We'd love to meet you on a Sunday morning and help you to connect with the King's Church family.

Sunday Gatherings
Pop along to our Welcome Point before and after our Sunday gathering to meet some of our church family.
Speak to our Welcome Team about getting involved in voluntering on a King's Church team or complete the form below
Want to join the next 'Welcome Mea' - pop your detaild onto the form below and we'll be in touch. 
Speak to our Welcome Team or Core Team to explore joining a Life Group or complete the form below.  
Want to connect with someone to be discipled or join a DNA group. Fill out the form below and somoene will be in touch.  
It's hard to know if a church is right for you if you only come once - we invite you to stick for 6 weeks to explore if we're the right church family for you.