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Going and Growing

  1. Steve Badock
    Steve Badock
    Building Manager - Staff Team
  2. Cathy Bell
    Cathy Bell
    Church Administrator - Staff Team
  3. Pete and Sarah Benest
    Pete and Sarah Benest
    Life Group Leaders
  4. Pete Benest
    Pete Benest
    Core Team
  1. Tracie Bradshaw-Mays
    Tracie Bradshaw-Mays
    Inspire a Generation Leader - Staff Team
  2. Sharon Brightman
    Sharon Brightman
    Trustee Team
  3. Paul Callan
    Paul Callan
    Core Team
  4. Paul and Samantha
    Paul and Samantha
    Life Group Leaders
  1. Andy and Jo
    Andy and Jo
    Life Group Leaders
  2. Merv and Stephie Dawkins
    Merv and Stephie Dawkins
    OpporTINity Project Leaders
  3. Vincent Groves-Hunter
    Vincent Groves-Hunter
    Worship Team Leader
  4. Rew Hulley
    Rew Hulley
    Core Team
  1. Rew and Trenna Hulley
    Rew and Trenna Hulley
    Life Group Leaders
  2. Claire Kemnic
    Claire Kemnic
    Playtime Co-ordinator - Staff Team
  3. Maria Laxton
    Maria Laxton
    Chair of Trustees
  1. David Long
    David Long
    Welcome Team Leader
  2. Karen Long
    Karen Long
    After School Club Leader
  3. Leigh McGough
    Leigh McGough
    Operations Manager - Staff Team & Core Team
  4. Sam McGough
    Sam McGough
    Trustee Team
  1. Helen Moses
    Helen Moses
    Core Team
  2. Chris and Reno Xavier
    Chris and Reno Xavier
    Life Group Leaders