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Devotion, Belonging, Support
Life Groups are Christ-centred small groups that help us find a sense of belonging.  Life Groups are essential in helping us outwork our faith in a shared way and enable us to support one another deeply.  Just have a look at Acts 2:42-47 to get an idea of what Life Groups are about!   
Life Groups are diverse in what they look like purely because the emphasis is on each group hearing God for themselves about who He is sending them to and how to reach them. 
Groups tend to meet fortnightly. 
Our big dream for Life Groups:

  • Each Life Group would hear and respond to God’s lead therefore being able to identify what their unique mission is.  
  • That everyone will complete the gift audit and return this to Leigh in the office.  If you haven’t completed a gift audit yet please speak to your Life Group leader or complete one below.
  • Each person will use the Discipleship Pathway statements (See below) to help identify where they are on their journey with Jesus, engage at the various ‘connection points’, go through the suggested materials and take the necessary actions.  
  • Life Groups would track the King and His Kingdom series, using UP/IN/OUT* as a way of planning their times together.
  • UP     Growing in our love, knowledge and experience of God
  • IN     Establishing and enriching our togetherness
  • OUT Intentionally reaching and serving those who don’t know Jesus yet    
Gift Audit
One of the tools we are using in Life Groups is a simple 'Gift Audit'.  To complete one, please download the 3 attachements below.  
1. Dreams and Gifts Questions
2. Answer Grid
3. Responce Form
1. Contains all the questions
2. Complete this answer grid 
3. Send this into the King's CHurch office - or pass to your life group leader.