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Going and Growing

Devotion, Discipleship, Diversity
There is a very organic feel to the groups, but there is a helpful framework of both thought and practice that enables the groups to thrive. 
People are gathering together because they have a common, devotion and passion for Jesus. Being part of His Body compels us to share with each other the joys and challenges of outworking our faith in Him.  As people gather together, friends, neighbours and colleagues who don’t yet know Jesus are showing an interest as to why people are getting together and what happens when they do.
The Life Groups are also catalysts for discipleship: the process of enabling and encouraging people to be who Jesus would be if He were them!  The faith adventure isn’t meant to be done in isolation but in the context of others who can share it with you. 
An image that is very defining for us as a church family is that of a forest.  Forests are rich in their diversity and they are full of life.  The edges might be a bit undefined and they aren’t heavily managed, but somehow they keep growing and producing fruit.  This has influenced how we approach our Life Groups which are diverse in both size and focus.  Some Life Groups are geographically based whilst others have been established around particular interests or hobbies.  However, the DNA flowing in each Life Group is that they are ‘missional’ and ‘incarnational’.  Being missional means that at least two or three people have formed a group together in order to live a ‘sent’ life.  The phrase incarnational expresses the commitment of a group to live in a deliberate way to physically represent the life of God to the communities they are part of.  These communities could be particular neighbourhoods or people groups.  The desire in each group is to connect people from these communities to their Life Group, enabling others to join the faith adventure. 
If you would like to visit one of the Life Groups please  contact us .
The map below shows approximate locations of where life groups normally meet. 
Gift Audit
One of the tools we are using in Life Groups is a simple 'Gift Audit'.  To complete one, please download the 3 attachements below.  
1. Dreams and Gifts Questions
2. Answer Grid
3. Responce Form
1. Contains all the questions
2. Complete this answer grid 
3. Send this into the King's CHurch office - or pass to your life group leader.