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Going and Growing

Going and Growing
Journeying together, to love and live like Jesus...
Join us Sundays at 10.30am
The Schofield Family Centre,
Greenclose Lane
LE11 5AS
We know God changes lives everyday. So here you will find tweets from those that have experienced His touch firsthand.
And if you have a testimony to share, simply tweet your message to @Kingslboro adding #testimony to the end of your message.

Our vision is: 

To grow a movement of disciple making communities across Charnwood and beyond”


“Growing Christ centred communities by connecting people with God and each other, whilst equipping them to be disciple makers.”

In everyday language Proverbs 29:18 says that 'without a sense of vision in and for life we’ll live without purpose and do whatever we feel like doing'
We’ve summed up our church family vision in the tag-line:

Going and Growing
Journeying together, to love and live like Jesus...
We see church as a vibrant community living as a loving family.  Our vision is that everyone will understand God’s purpose, love Jesus passionately and live authentic Spirit-filled lives.

We believe some of the greatest resources people have are their dreams and gifts and that these are God’s way of involving us in His plan for the whole of creation.  We are committed to helping people discover and outwork their dreams and skilfully use their gifts.

We desire to cultivate an environment of faith, hope and love, expressing these through joy, generosity, care and a sense of adventure. 

We encourage everyone to live a Jesus-centred life and, as His apprentices, respond to His commission in the context of community.  We want to help people find a place to belong and experience the powerful effect of God’s love and grace.

We are motivated in every activity we do as a church family by Jesus’ love, life and mission.  This shapes how we function as His family, knowing that just as the Father sent Him so Jesus sends us.

Our key values fall into the two areas: ‘Going’ and ‘Growing’:

  • A commitment to discipleship – both to be discipled and to disciple
  • Prioritising an intentionally missional way of life
  • To be hospitable and servant-hearted
  • To ‘sow’ people into communities, cities and nations
  • Exercise generosity by developing creative ways of blessing people

  • In love with God and people
  • In our Christ-likeness
  • In our ability to serve and prioritise other people and God’s will over our own
  • In influence
Team work makes the dream work...
We believe leadership is vital and can empower and release people to be all God has called them to be.  We don’t view or practice leadership in a hierarchical way but instead seek to exercise our leadership gifts and responsibilities through relationship, love and serving one another.
Our blueprint for leadership is to seek to emulate the flow of relationship that exists in the Trinity. 

The King’s Church family has a Core Leadership Team and a wider Leadership Team.  These teams offer a great blend of gifts and personalities, all passionate about Jesus and committed to serve and lead by example.

Andrew and Trenna Hulley are the team leaders and have been caught with a vision of the church being like a forest as opposed to a plantation. 

Some key characteristics of a plantation are:
  • Grown and managed to meet demand
  • Mono-cultural/single species
  • Highly sophisticated scientific methods used to produce high yield
  • Nothing else grows in them
  • Highly linear, only reproduces by deliberate planting
  • Destroyed by fire
A forest on the other hand: 
  • It’s main purpose is life
  • There are many interconnected relationships across a variety of species
  • Simple, yet amazingly diverse
  • Naturally occurring lifecycles mean they are self-managed
  • Easily reproduced
  • Fire causes them to reshape and releases the next generation
A useful image of how we see our leadership team working is in the way a cycling team functions. These teams have a leader and are made up of people with specific skills for different parts of the race i.e. a hill climber, a time-trialer, a sprinter. 

Each rider is secure in their particular skill and part within the team.  Every team member rides for the good of the team and they ride in a sacrificial way.  Team members will ride in a way that protects and enables the most skilled for that section get to the front at the right time.  The ‘senior’ rider at any given stage is the one most fitted for the task at hand.  So it is with the Core Team... though Andrew and Trenna lead the team, others come to the fore at different stages.

Meet the team
Church Life
The King's Church family gathers together regularly in different ways.
  1. 2
    Life Groups
    Every week there is a Life Group meeting to encourage and support one another
    Bi-weekly depending on location and time
  2. 3
    DNA group forms when two-three people start to meet on a regular (we suggest fortnightly) basis specifically to study the bible, pray, encourage and challenge each other. We recommend that you DNA with someone either in your Life Group or someone who isn’t yet in a Life Group.
    Bi-weekly depending on location and time
  3. 1
    Sunday gathering
    We love meeting together to share life and worship Jesus. Our Sunday gathering is vibrant, joyful and full of good teaching. Come down and join us every Sunday as we go and grow together.
    Sundays 10.30am (10am for refreshments)
  4. 4
    Community, Training, Mission A Cluster forms when two or more Life Groups gather together on a regular basis. Clusters are missional communities where people are trained to become effective disciple-makers but also develop their shared faith by learning to love and live like Jesus in the context of a community.
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Church Calendar
The Great Adventure...
walk the way, speak the truth, live the life!
King's Church Life Groups
King's Church KingZone Children's Provision
King's Church Sunday Gathering
King's Church Loughborough Revolution Youth

Revolution Youth
Revolution is our youth group for young people aged 11-18 years. 

We believe that young people, living passionate lives for Jesus will change their worlds!

Life groups
Life Groups are missional communities. 

We meet in homes midweek to encourage one another in our faith adventure as we grow as His disciples

Kingzone & Creche
We believe that children are an integral part of King’s Church. We want to inspire and support them on their journey to love and live like Jesus.

Kingzone & Creche is for children aged 0 - 11 yrs. old
Sunday Gathering
We deeply value our times as a whole church family.  We really enjoy worshipping and learning together.

We gather at 10am for tea and coffee and our time of worship starts at 10.30am.
OpporTINity, King's Church Project
King's Church Loughborough Playtime
King's Church Partner Projects
King's Church Messy Church Loughborough
Our OpporTINity team deliver regular food parcels into the local community throughout Charnwood.
Playtime is a Parent and Toddler Group with a vision to strengthen family, build relationships and reach into the community.
Partnerships and Projects
We partner with a number of local and international projects to see people transformed by Jesus.


Messy Church
Messy Church is a creative way of being church which involves fun for families of all ages, helping people to encounter Jesus.

This is a joint venture with Elim and Open Heaven Church to reach our town.
We are a vibrant and diverse community of people, from across Loughborough and the Charnwood area, that are passionately in love with Jesus. 
We are convinced that God’s ideal for His people is to be a loving family.  So, whether you’re young, old, single or married, and whatever culture you’re from you’ll find a sense of belonging because we’re passionate about people.
As committed followers of Jesus our desire is to see our town, region and this nation transformed by His life and love.  We gather in small ‘life groups' at various times throughout the week, and in larger numbers on most Sundays too. 
Relationships with various national and international leaders, including those who function in the Ephesians 4 roles of apostle or prophet, and also links with other church families have been, and continue to be, crucial in our ongoing growth and development.  The group of churches we are part of is known as “Together”
We’d love you to find a sense of belonging with us as we journey together to love and live like Jesus. 

A Brief History:
King's Church began in 1982 as Loughborough Christian Fellowship, having been ‘planted’ as a new church family by Leicester Christian Fellowship (now known as All Nations Church, Leicester), and was part of the ‘Harvestime’ group of churches under the leadership of Bryn Jones and others – later known as ‘Covenant Ministries International’.
In 1996 King's Church launched the Small World Nursery (our own Christian ethos nursery) which continues to serve local parents in Charnwood.  In 2007, the charity TwentyTwenty was launched, to help disadvantaged young people into education, employment or training. This has now grown into a nationally recognised centre of excellence in its own right. King’s Church still initiates and carries out many community-based projects – the aim being to bring the benefits of God’s kingship to bear on the world around us... a taste of heaven right here on earth!    
The church was registered as a charity in 1984.  The King's Church trust (Charity number: 515329) operated until 2015.  In 2015, King's Church trust evolved into a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (Charity number: 1160234) as King's Church Loughborough - the aims and focus of the charity remained the same. 
The Joy of Giving
At King’s Church we teach the biblical principle of stewardship. We believe that everything we have belongs to God and we are only looking after, or are stewards of, what He has given us. It is with this in mind that we encourage people who call King’s Church their family to give regularly and generously. It takes resources to fulfill all that God has given us to do.
It is our practice to take an offering at every Sunday morning gathering. However, many give directly from their bank account by a regular standing order. Giving in this way means that those who have responsibility for looking after the finances at King’s Church have the benefit of knowing that an assured amount will be available each month.

As mentioned above, we ask all those who are part of the King’s Church family to prayerfully consider the amount that they give regularly - and to review that sum as their situation changes. Responsible, joyful giving is one of the marks of a follower of Christ!
How can I give?
  • Cash - On a Sunday morning we take an offering, you can put your cash in the offering basket. If you would like envelopes to Gift Aid your donation, they are available in the main hall or from the welcome team. 
  • Cheque - Please make your cheques payable to King’s Church Loughborough. They can then be placed in the offering basket on a Sunday or sent to our address at the bottom of this page.
  • Regular Payments - You can setup a regular payment using the donate button above or by setting up a standing order with your bank to King's Church Loughborough (Account: 10364491 / SC: 09-02-22)
  • Online Banking - You can make individual online payments to King's Church (Account: 10364491 / SC: 09-02-22)

Gift Aid - If you are a UK taxpayer and eligible for Gift Aid the church can claim an extra 25p from HRMC for every pound that is donated.  If you need a gift aid form, or if you are unsure if you are eligible to use Gift Aid, please contact the Church Office or ask the welcome team at a Sunday gathering. 


Should you need to contact us please fill out the form below and someone will get back to you.
  1. King's Church Schofield Family Centre, Greenclose Lane, Loughborough, Leicestershire LE11 5AS
  2. Call us on 01509 234234